Career Seekers: How it Works

At TSP we are connected with dozens of the top companies in Kansas City. We partner with those leaders and have developed personal relationships for over 20 years. We serve this community and it is our mission to make a stronger work force and we help you find the right company for your skills.

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We are partnered with top companies, looking for great candidates like you! Let us review your resume and match you with your next career opportunity. Send us your resume today and let’s get started.

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We work with top organizations. Our job is to match you, not only with the perfect opportunity, but also the perfect culture fit.

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What is a seeker?

A seeker is either someone who is actively looking for a new job, working but ready for change, someone who has been through a tough layoff or you simply want to grow.

Career Seeker Testimonial
“I moved from New York to Kansas City, Missouri. I had placed my resume online. TSP picked it up fast and got right in touch with me. They were able to make a placement extremely fast. I would say in total from posting my resume to getting the job it took around 2 weeks. TSP was extremely professional and got the job done. I am currently still at the job they placed me in and have been promoted and love it. TSP knows what they are doing and doesn’t oversell or undersell. They get it right and don’t waste anyone’s time. I highly recommend!!“